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Professional Development and Education Scholarship Application

Thanks to generous donations from individuals and businesses, Deaf in Government is pleased to offer scholarships to eligible individuals. The purpose of the scholarship program is to support work-related professional development and education opportunities of individuals who wish to improve professional skills in the workplace or to advance a career in government. 

Eligibility: Eligible individuals must be a full-time government employee (local, state, or federal), have a hearing loss, and be an active member of Deaf in Government (DIG) for at least a year. 

What is Available: Deaf in Government (DIG) will award two scholarships each year: one recipient for spring semester and one recipient for fall semester. Scholarship funds can be used to offset any combination of tuition, lodging, and/or travel costs. The total scholarship for any one person will not exceed $500. 

Procedures and Deadline: Please complete the application form in its entirely and submit to the Deaf in Government Scholarship Committee. You may submit one application per semester.

Required documents for submission:

          • Scholarship application form
          • Cover letter / personal essay
          • Brochure, documents, or a link with information on the class or educational training opportunity you will use the fund for.

Spring Semester Scholarship:

This is the timeline if you need funds toward your professional training opportunity from January through May.

  • October 17th: Open enrollment for accepting applications
  • December 31st: Closing deadline for application submissions
  • February 6th: Scholarship Committee's decision to be announced on or after this date.

Fall Semester Scholarship: 

This is the timeline if you need funds toward your professional training opportunity from September through December.

  • March 1st: Open enrollment for accepting applications
  • April 30th: Closing deadline for application submissions
  • May 31st: Scholarship Committee’s decision to be announced on or after this date.

The Scholarship Committee will not accept any application that are submitted: a) before the open enrollment period, b) after the closing deadline, and c) incomplete. Furthermore, only the first 100 applications received per semester will be reviewed. Recipients will be granted only for the amount requested (an itemized list is required), which may not exceed $500. Proof of training completion is required for disbursement or reimbursement of funds.

Click here for the application (2016-17 Scholarship Application)

Please direct any questions to or submit your complete application electronically to: scholarship@deafingov.org

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