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Current Candidates:

Business Manager (1 candidate)

Todd Epps

      Todd Epps is the current Business Manager for Deaf In Government (DIG). Originally from Ohio, he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He currently works as a Primary Examiner at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Outside of the office, Todd lives in Northern Virginia and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, traveling, remodeling homes, and watching football games, especially Ohio State University (OSU) games.


      I am running for the Business Manager position because I have professional experiences in managing expenses and funds for DIG. Within a year, our DIG team and I successfully acquired over $45K in revenues through sponsorships and partnerships. I am detail-oriented and well-organized, and I maintain a clear and methodical financial record-keeping system. I work with fabulous DIG executive board, directors, and committees. I would be honored to run again and look forward to the opportunity to serve DIG in new innovative ways.

      Communications Manager (1 candidate)

      Nicole Gleicher


      Nicole Gleicher, originally from Maryland, works as an Accountant for the Department of Defense. Before that, she worked in the non-profit sector. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting with a concentration in Communications and graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017. She is currently studying for a Master's degree in Public Administration at Old Dominion University. Nikki is the Communications Manager for DIG. In this role, she assists with social media accounts/strategies, video editing, and creates quarterly newsletters to keep our colleagues up to date on what DIG has done, is currently doing, and what is coming up. Nikki picks up some special projects, as necessary. She also assists with email communications for events. Beyond her finance and accounting knowledge, she enjoys working with people and tracking/reporting on communications with creativity and flexibility. Finally, she is a proud fur mama of two adorable cocker spaniels.


      Nikki Gleicher is the Communication Manager at DIG for a year now. I consider myself a good team player with a demonstrated ability to lead, detail-oriented, and an adaptable person. I believe that by being part of the DIG Board, I would play an essential role in building relationships with internal and external groups, streamlining the communication and collaboration processes, and providing equal access.

      Recording Secretary (1 candidate)

      Allison Dufresne


      Allison is from Minnesota. She was born deaf in a hearing family. All of her school years were in a mainstream setting. She graduated from the University of Minnesota majoring in Sociology. Worked for several years in the mental health field and decided she wanted to work in the Administration setting. Allison attended Masters of Public Administration at Gallaudet University, and graduated in Spring of 2016. Right before she graduated, she was hired as a Management Analyst at the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), an agency under the US Department of Health and Human Services. Allison has been at this job for almost 5 years now.


      Why do I want to run for this position? I am currently the board member for the Recording Secretary position and have been serving since January 2020 after always wanting to get involved with DIG and saw the position was open. I want to continue serving in this position because Covid put everything on hold and I haven't experienced the full community engagement potential of DIG because I know I can contribute to this organization. The recording secretary is perfect because I like to take notes and document everything that DIG does and during the meetings, as well as opportunities to get involved on different DIG projects.

      Two (2) Board Member-at-Large (2 candidates)

      Caitlin Ramsey Wolford

      Caitlin Ramsey Wolford, MA, NIC, graduated from Gallaudet University, receiving her Master of Arts degree in American Sign Language - English Interpretation in 2015. Since graduating, Caitlin has worked with various interpreting agencies as a freelance interpreter in the DMV area as well as internationally, working under her interpreting and consulting business, Wolf Interpreting, which she established in 2019. Caitlin is the Founder and Owner of a nationwide mentorship program for sign language interpreters called CORE Interpreters. She regularly presents at workshops for local Universities, interpreting agencies, and CORE Interpreters. Since 2017, Caitlin has been the CORE DC Coordinator. As of 2019, Caitlin has served as the Interpreter Board Member at Large for Deaf in Government since 2019.

      Since joining the DIG Board in 2019, I have supported the Board and Organization in several capacities, my main contributions include: the DIG Resource Library, researching and establishing the DIG Path to Accreditation (P2A) program, and behind the scenes editing/writing on behalf of the Board. It has been an honor to serve our DIG membership in this role, and I hope to continue on with the fabulous work DIG has accomplished!

      Joanna Rocha-Shenoy

      I born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, California. I went to Washington DC to attend Gallaudet University and obtained a Bachelor Science in Accounting. After graduating, I became an accountant in Chief Financial Office for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for 8 years. Within last year, I briefly worked for USDA Forest Service as Financial Policy before returning to USAID. Currently, I am a Budget and Accounting Analyst with the Office of Inspector General (OIG). I manage a broad range of responsibilities from budgeting funds to recording accounts including funding requests for OMB.
      In my spare time, I enjoy walking dogs, hiking, camping, working out, playing sports, filming/editing videos and baking sweets!

      I’d like to run for Board Member At Large because I believe in DIG’s mission. I can utilize my professional experience and talents to contribute to various projects under this organization. DIG is the best nonprofit organization for me to volunteer and support in its growth and to gain its recognizable reputation all over the states.

      Thank you, Federal Relay!

      Thank you, Federal Relay, for providing captioning and interpreting services for the 2020 annual meeting and election.

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