We empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing Government Employees

We resolve & overcome communication barriers, accessibility issues and promote a fully inclusive work environment through networking and fostering professional growth.

ATTENTION:  This event has been CANCELLED

Deaf in Government (DIG)

Innovations and Government Engagement Track

The National Association of the Deaf's 55th Biennial Conference

June 30 to July 5, 2020

Chicago, IL

Event Website: https://chicago.nad.org/

The DIG’s Innovations and Government Engagement (I&GE)'s mission is to increase awareness of, and provide training resources on, issues that Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) government employees face in their workplace. The I&GE also provides information on innovations of the accessibility, issues and potential solutions hearing coworkers/supervisors may have working with D/HH employees. Additionally, this training will cover many other topics, such as innovations, communication skills, management and leadership skills, technical skills, and professional skills.

In partnership with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), NAD and DIG are offering Government with Innovations and Government Engagement sessions during the Conference (workshops will be announced soon).

The NAD Conference includes workshops given by community-driven leaders and industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise with the deaf and hard of hearing community, especially those who attend the conference. 

If a Presenter is chosen to give a workshop alone or with one other Presenter, then each Presenter will receive $100 discount towards their conference registration. If a person submits to present a panel, then the Presenter is eligible for a $100 discount towards one conference registration, and another $100 is available to be split among the panelists for a discount on their respective registrations.

Presenters are listed on the website and in our event materials. Workshop topics, take-aways, and important discussion points are shared via social media during the conference. Presenters from all over have hosted sessions at the NAD Conference! We have plenaries, workshops, and important panels that take place through-out the week.  

There are eight workshop breakout sessions happening at the same time, each are 75 minutes.

Past NAD conference attendees have shared how much they cherish the workshops and panels — we want you to submit your ideas to be one of these prize presenters!

Submit your presentation proposal now!


For attendance, you can use the justification letter - (2020 NAD DIG Conference Justification Letter.docx)



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