We empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing Government Employees

We resolve & overcome communication barriers, accessibility issues and promote a fully inclusive work environment through networking and fostering professional growth.

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Webinar Leadership Team:

Brianne Burger - DIG Advanced Learning Director - Learning@Deafingov.org

Kirsten Poston - DIG Career Advancement Director - Kirsten.Poston@Deafingov.org

Jacob Leffler - DIG Executive Director - Jacob.Leffler@Deafingov.org

Webinar Contact List:

April 14th - Utilizing Interpreters in Video Platforms

FRS: Karl Ewans - Karl.Ewan@sprint.com

DAS: Jill Owens-Brick - jill.owens@deafaccess.com

Sorenson: Jody Kulchinsky: Jkulchinsky@sorenson.com





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