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The Power of You!

Deaf In Government will be hosting DIG Expo on Thursday, April 8, 2021! Angela Cannella , DIG Expo Director, gives a recap about DIG Expo, presentations and other information! Expo will consist of.  We hope you make plans to attend!

Goal of the Conference

DIG Expo will be a centralized event for workshops, presentations, and booths. We are currently planning to post the entire event virtually by partnering with RivetLogic because your health and safety is our top priority.  Our DIG Expo Team will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and we will follow the guidelines posted by the CDC.  The DIG Expo seeks to provide available resources, services, and demonstration of current technologies of accessibility, career advancement, networking, and job opportunities, to build a bridge to collaborate with available resources, companies for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees from all levels of government. Other attendees may include those who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees; such as, human resource managers, Equal Employment Opportunity specialists, agency representatives, supervisors, and hearing colleagues. The audience ranges from new professionals to professionals in all government-related fields (from IT professionals to financial analysts) with more than ten years of experience.

Our three main focuses for the DIG Expo include:

  1. Accessibility innovation: promote available resources, services, and demonstrate current technologies that can be used for accessibility purposes.
  2. Career Development: career advancement, networking, and job opportunities for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind job seekers.
  3. Community Engagement: to build a bridge in collaboration with companies, and organizations for attendees.

For more questions about presentations, visit the presentation page or reach out at

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