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Who’s Powering the Charge

Meet the people who live and advance DIG’s values, elevate our community, and make a difference through a deaf/h&h-lead organization.

Development Director - Christopher Samp

Christopher Samp

DIG Advisor
Fundraising Consultant
  Engagement Director - Roberta Mather

Roberta Mather

DIG Engagement Director
Dept of State - Marketing Director

Advanced Learning Director - Brianne Burger

Brianne Burger

DIG Advanced Learning Director
US Dept of Education - Director of the Special Institutions
  Career Advancement Director - Kirsten Poston

Kirsten Poston

DIG Career Advancement Director
US Dept of Transportation - Disability Program Manager

Special Program Director - Jacob Leffler

Jacob Leffler

DIG Special Program Director
US Agency for International Development - Legislative Program Specialist
  Membership Director - Vicki Lowen

Vicki Lowen

DIG Membership Director

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