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Happy New Year, Everyone!

To our entire community: 

The year 2020 has been both a challenging and significant year for the Deaf in Government. We are grateful for your continued support during a year filled with doubts, condolences, and mindfulness. Together, with your support, we were able to accomplish some amazing things for our organization and the community we serve.

Take a look at 2020 highlights: 

DIG Infographic

Throughout the year, we had several Board meetings to realign on shared goals and priorities while also learning how to adapt to a virtual world. To emphasize, the DIG Board also had two retreats this year discussing tangible goals and the vision for 2020-2021. Since these retreats, we have determined the need for internal transformation, which has resulted in a new organizational matrix with some restructuring to the DIG organization.

As we are just starting in 2021 and in the middle of the pandemic, we are still hosting many exciting events!

  • Our weekly webinars will continue and be led by Brianne Burger, Kirsten Poston, and Jacob Leffler. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations on topics for webinars or workshops, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing
  • Feeling stressed? Come run with the best! The Virtual 5k Run Event’s early bird registration ends on January 10, 2021, for $30. After that, it’s a $35 registration fee. Don’t wait! Register now! Point of Contact (POCs): David Cardenas & Traci Goodrich.
  • The 2021 Virtual Bi-Annual Meeting and Election night in March to April 2021 open to DIG paid members only. We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to lead the Election Night (does not have to be DIG paid members). If you are interested, please contact us at
  • DIG Conference & Expo on June 3, 2021 (virtual). Angela Cannella and Nicole Gleicher are both co-directors for this event. Please check our DIG Conference and Expo website for more information. We are currently searching for proposal presentations and workshops; more information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned for an email announcement!
  • DIG’s Government Track and Accessibility Social Event at DeafNation World Expo & Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2021.
  • DIG, Kirsten Poston (primary POC) started the mentoring program to strengthen and advance our deaf and hard of hearing professionals advance their careers in various government agencies. We already have received up to 20 applicants and look forward to showcasing more partnerships with agencies and corporations. In 2021, we will have a senior mentor pair with the mentee to assist with career development and advancement. Please contact if you have any questions.

Join DIG Membership!

Become a part of the DIG community and receive benefits by being a DIG member. The membership fee is $25 annually. Click here to become a DIG member!

DIG would like to congratulate the new board members of the 2020-2022 term! DIG is pleased to announce the current Board leadership:

Todd Epps - Business Manager
Nicole Gleicher - Communications Manager
Allison Dufrense - Recording Secretary
Toyin Fasakin - Board Member at Large
Caitlin Ramsey Wolford - Board Member at Large

I would like to thank all Advisory Board members and sponsors who have invested in the DIG organization throughout the fiscal year 2020. We have established new partnerships with companies to provide in-kind services such as CART, interpreting services, and video conference software. Without the sponsorship of in-kind services and monies, DIG would not have provided the DIG webinars program or the other events hosted in 2020. We owe much gratitude to Sorenson, ZVRS/Purple, Convo, Civic Access, RivetLogic, and Deaf Access Solutions, Inc.

As 2020 has ended, we are proud of all that DIG has accomplished this year. An amazing group of individuals leads the learning management team. In 2020, our successful weekly webinar program provided outstanding educational content to all DIG members and the general public. We have hosted over 20 webinars to date, with a full lineup ready for January 2021. DIG would like to thank each of the presenters for their time in transferring their extensive knowledge to advance our Deaf and Hard of Hearing workforce.

As DIG has done for so many years, we were proud to bring you another fabulous Holiday Party. This year, due to COVID-19, we missed not being able to gather in person. However, your safety is our priority. As we have done all of 2020, I am proud of our Team for adapting to host another incredible virtual event. I hope you all enjoyed attending our virtual holiday party event on Friday, December 11, 2020.

DIG Advisory Board Announcement

As a President, I am proud of the DIG Board and members for working together to help others achieve their professional and personal goals. As DIG is always looking to expand our reach in support of our membership, I am excited to announce that we have a few new additions to serve on the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board has a crucial function within the DIG Organization, in order to achieve our mission, we need their collective resources and expertise. I would like to formally introduce Dare K, who was recently announced as the new Chair of the Advisory Board. We look forward to what the Advisory Board will accomplish as they work alongside our DIG Board members. We have a team of amazing people who have heartedly served this organization to support each of you.

Again, we thank you for your support and participation in our events. We look forward to collaborating with existing and new sponsors and working with all members in FY 2021. DIG Family is sending warm wishes to you for a Happy New Year!


DIG President

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Current Team Leadership

President: Cham Le
Vice President: Angela Cannella
Business Manager: Todd Epps
Communications Manager: Nicole Gleicher
Secretary: Allison Dufresne
Board Member at Large:
David Cardenas
Traci Goodwich
Janet Richards
Toyin Fasakin
Caitlin Ramsey Wolford

Executive Projects:
IT Operations Director: Paige Thompson
Engagement Director: Roberta Mather
Advanced Learning Director: Brianne Burger
Career Advancement Director: Kirsten Poston
Executive Assistant: Jeffrey Dallos
Special Program Director: Jacob Leffler
Membership Director: Vicki Lowen
Advisor: Christopher Samp

Advisory Board Members:
Dare K (Chair)                Corey Burton                Travis Dougherty
Kimberly Feldmann      Denise Perdue              Donna Mahoney
Dean Halstead               Jody Kulchinsky            Kate O'Regan
Eric Valdov                      Greg Hilbok                   Norman Chan

Thank you 2020 Sponsors!

Again, we would like to thank all of our 2020 sponsors that helped make our events possible during 2020!


We are seeking volunteers!

Deaf in Government has a couple of opportunities where volunteers can help make a difference. Do you know someone who would be perfect for DIG? Please refer them to us!

Current needs:

Election Night Chairperson: Oversee the entire election planning, create advertisements to post on social media accounts/mass email announcements, periodically observe and ensure that all committees for the Election Night are doing their roles correctly, handle issues as they arise, and more!

IT Support Operations: This role will report to the DIG President and IT Operations Director. Great way to boost your resume! 

Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer (must have access to Adobe Photoshop): This role will report to the Communications Manager. Duties including but not limited to update DIG's Twitter and LinkedIn frequently for status and events, create a Facebook cover photo for DIG Facebook page based on holidays, seasons, etc., create advertisements using Adobe Photoshop format, assist with editing videos, and more!

Development Coordinator: This role will report to the Business Manager. Do you like fundraising or want to learn how to be a fundraiser? We are seeking a volunteer to coordinate sponsorship proposals.

If you're interested in volunteering for any of the positions above or something else, please email us at

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