2023 DIG Regional Conference - Honolulu Hawaii

Call for Presentation Proposals:

The 2023 DIG Regional Conference also provides an opportunity for any agency or business to host a presentation, forum or workshop. The Conference and Expo therefore invites proposals for presentations, forums, workshops, and discussions for the 2023 DIG Conference to be held on March 8 and 9.  If you already submit your workshop at Pac Rim Diversity and Disability, we may request you to send us your proposal via we@deafingov.org and present again for the regional conference.

Our DIG Conference and Expo theme this year will be “The Power of Inclusion” - You have the power to make a difference! 

Goal of this Conference:

This Regional Conference seeks to provide available resources, services, and demonstration of current technologies of cloud, Informational Technology (IT) operation, content management, accessibility, career advancement, networking, and job opportunities. The overarching goal is to build a bridge between communities by collaborating with  companies in order to benefit the Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees in all levels of government. Other attendees may include those who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees, such as: Human Resource Managers, Equal Employment Opportunity Specialists, Agency Representatives, Directors/Supervisors, and hearing colleagues. The audience will range from early career professionals to seasoned professionals in all government agencies and sectors.

Presentation Proposals:

Presentation proposals for each of the three tracks should address innovations in accessibility and services incorporated in work spaces while working with Deaf, Deaf/Blind, and Hard of Hearing employees in the federal government settings. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your knowledge, talent, and expertise with our attendees. By sharing your knowledge and successes, you will positively impact the lives of government employees and professionals, who will in turn influence the lives of others.

Submitted proposals should include learning objectives and references (resources, research, experience, etc.):

We will have three workshop track:

  1. Technology and Accessibility Innovation

  2. Career Development: Management and Leadership Skills

  3. Community Engagement: Technical and Professional Skills

Possible proposal topics are listed, but are not limited to, those listed below:

Career Development;

Financial Management; 

Information Technology;

Career Advancement;

Cultural Diversity/Heritage;

How to Work with Interpreters;

EEO Institute/EEO Personnel;

Human Resources Management;


Diversity and Inclusion;

Understanding the Use of Schedule A; Toastmaster Skills; Facilitation Skills; Project Management; and Teamwork. 

For topics that were not mentioned above, but you would like to present on other topics or provide a workshop, please contact we@deafingov.org. If any of the above topics are unclear or if you need assistance, please contact us (email above) for clarification. 

Proposals for sessions should be for 45 minutes long maximum for all sponsorship levels.

Process for Submitting Proposals

1. The workshop title (10 words or less).

2. A brief (2 page maximum) description of the workshop topic and content.

3. Identify which of the DIG Conference and Expo tracks (technology and accessibility Innovation, management and leadership skills, or technical and professional skills) your workshop will address.  

4. The name(s), postal address(es), phone number(s), and email address(es) of the organizer(s), with one-paragraph statements of their research interests and/or areas of expertise.

5. A website address, if any, with information on the workshop.

6. Develop a brief abstract of the presentation, should not exceed 125 words. If accepted, this description will be included on the DIG Conference and Expo page on DIG’s website. 

7. Briefly describe how your presentation overlaps with or complements the conference theme of The Power Of You.

8. Briefly describe experience, qualifications, or credentials which reflect your expertise for the intended presentation topic.

9. Submit a summary, not to exceed 500 words, of the planning committee’s proposed presentation for review. This summary should include a minimum of three learning objectives.

10. Include a short biography (maximum 125 words) for each presenter.

11. Workshop sessions will be 45 minutes in duration.

If you have any more question, feel free to contact us at we@deafingov.org

The deadline for submitting proposals is Jan 31, 2023.

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