2022 Year in review

            Deaf In Government (DIG) wishes everyone a safe, healthy, and pleasant holidays and a prosperous 2023.

Sharing DIG’s 2022 Accomplishments:

In January 2022, DIG distributed Recommendations for Federal Agencies’ DEIA Strategic Plans in response to Executive Order 14035, the government-wide mandate to cultivate a federal workforce that reflects the full diversity of the United States and advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). The six-page document details recommendations to be incorporated in the federal agencies’ mandatory DEIA strategic plans which were to be finalized by March 23, 2022. This DIG paper builds upon DIG’s extensive July 2021 comments submitted regarding Executive Order 13985.

DIG hosted a webinar on the “DIG Recommendations for Federal Agencies’ DEIA Strategic Plans” through the webinar program, which also covered topics such as employment discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the North Virginia Resource Center. In the fall, Kramer Wealth Managers sponsored a Financial Literacy series of four webinars, which covered topics: Retirement Benefits, Social Security Benefits, Thrift Savings Plan, and Healthcare Benefits. DIG is deeply appreciative to Kramer for the intensive information they provided.

In 2021, the General Services Administration (GSA) transitioned the accommodation responsibilities the Federal Relay program previously made to each federal agency to provide for their employees. The Federal Relay transition completed on February 13, 2022. If your agency has not yet made the transition, DIG and NAD encourage you to contact your agency officials.  More information is at https://www.gsa.gov/technology/technology-purchasing-programs/telecommunications-and-network-services/federal-relay-fedrelay.

DIG hosted the Innovation & Government Engagement Track at the NAD Conference in Orlando, Florida in July. Four sponsors helped make DIG’s networking reception possible for hundreds of attendees. Ten workshops provided topics such as the Chamber of Commerce, EEO Rights, Updates from the FCC, Active Shooter Preparedness, Dragonfly system, and more.

In accordance with the DIG bylaws, the DIG Board has voted to remove membership dues. What does this mean for government employees who are currently members or want to become members? If you’re joining DIG for the first time, go to https://www.deafingov.org/membership.  If you are renewing your DIG membership, log in to your account via https://www.deafingov.org/membership. If you just want to subscribe to DIG emails, sign up to be a subscriber. It’s free!

DIG continues to add a variety of resources to our Coronavirus Response, Career, Employment, Accessibility, and Interview pages in the DIG Resource Library located at https://deafingov.org/Resource. DIG engaged and forged partnerships with many deaf and hearing nonprofits and corporations, such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer Advisory Network (DHHCAN), which our Communications Director now serves as Vice Chair. We look forward to partnering with many more companies in 2023. Contact us for sponsorship or partnership opportunities.

DIG held the annual Holiday Party in person at a deaf-owned restaurant “The Italian Oven” on December 2nd. Eleven sponsors and party attendees were treated to door prizes, took home tumblers provided by Deaf Access Solutions, mugs by Sorenson, and pens by Nagish. Many thanks to Caption Anywhere for the pictures of the event, which are posted at DIG's Facebook.

The DIG election was in December. Do you know who is involved with the DIG Board, Advisory Board, and Executive Projects? Check us out athttps://deafingov.org/about. We thank the DIG Advisory Board for their help with strategic planning to keep DIG steering in the right direction. DIG is always in need of volunteers. Volunteer today! DIG continues to expand our website and social media pages:

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Stay tuned for much more in 2023!

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