Executive Board

Who’s Leading the Charge

Meet the people who live and advance DIG’s values, elevate our community, and make a difference through a deaf/h&h-lead organization.

President - Cham Le

Cham Le

DIG President
US Government - Senior Project Manager

  Vice President - Shaun Pickering

Shaun Pickering

DIG Vice-President
US Government - Data Engineer/Analyst

Business Manager - Todd Epps

Todd Epps

DIG Business Manager / Treasurer
United States Patent and Trademark Office - Primary Examiner

Heather Goodson

DIG Communications Manager
ASL Interpreter

Secretary - Jessica Ulmer

Jessica Ulmer

Instructional Systems Designer at SAIC
  Board Member at Large - Caitlin Ramsey Wolford

Caitlin Ramsey Wolford

DIG Board Member at Large
ASL Interpreter

Board Member at Large - Tonyin Fasakin

Toyin Fasakin

DIG Board Member at Large
  Board Member at Large - Brianne Burger

Brianne Burger

Board Member at Large
US Dept of Education - Director of the Special Institutions

Tiasha Bera

DIG Board Member at Large

Darlene Ewan

DIG Board Member at Large

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