Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I join or renew membership with DIG?

A. If you’re joining DIG for the first time, please follow this Application Guide: for new DIG members. If you are renewing your DIG membership, please follow this Membership Guide: for previous DIG members.

Q. Who can become members of Deaf in Government?

A. According to the bylaws, a member must be:

Article III: Membership
Section 1. General Membership.
Any person who subscribes to the current Preamble, Vision, Mission Statements, and Bylaws of the DIG and who meets the following qualifications may apply for a general membership with full debating and voting privileges:
1. Deaf or Hard of Hearing active or retired Government and Civil Service employees, including Government contractors, without regard to the degree of hearing loss, the amount of assimilation into Deaf culture, and/or the mode of communication used by the employee;
2. Hearing active or retired Government and Civil Service employees, including Government contractors, who are associated or work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees, and
3. Active or retired Sign Language Interpreters, Disability Program managers or individuals with similar job titles, administrative officers and associates of the Organization.

By government, you can be an employee of a local, municipal, state, or federal employee. 

If you do not meet the membership requirements, you can support DIG as a subscriber or as an affiliate.

Q. What types of memberships are available, and what are the fees? What are the benefits?

A. According to the bylaws, DIG can only offer one type of membership, “General Membership,” for individuals who meet the qualifications in order to receive full debating and voting privileges. However, those who  do not meet the membership criteria can sign up as subscribers or as affiliates. More detailed information can be found on the membership webpage at

Q. Will my information be safe?

A. Yes, your account is safe and secure. One visual cue you may commonly see is the “https://” when you type in your browser. The “https://” means the site is secure (additional ‘s’ after ‘http’ must be present).

Regarding making a payment on our website, all payments are processed through a third party payment gateway, AffiniPay. We do not see or store your debit or credit card information, and you will automatically receive a receipt after the payment is processed by AffiniPay.

Q. I signed up for membership. When does my membership get activated?

A. Our Director of Membership will review your information to make sure you meet the membership requirements. You should get an email confirmation if approved. The membership period is one year and is from January 1 to December 31.

Q. Can I cancel my membership?

A. A DIG membership may be suspended or archived at the member’s request.

Q. Why am I not getting any emails from DIG?

A. There are a couple of factors why you may not be getting any emails from DIG:

  • your agency’s firewall may have blocked our emails from being opened on site, so try opening emails from DIG on your personal computer at home;
  • check your junk/spam folder;
  • you may have provided us the wrong email address when you signed up; or
  • you may have forgotten that you’ve unsubscribed.
To re-subscribe in receiving our emails, please go to your account’s communication preferences (Here’s How). If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please email

Q. I forgot my user name and password. How do I find it?

A. Member user names are generally the full email address you used when you signed up. At the log in, click the link, “forgot password” to have a password reset instruction emailed to you. If you do not remember your username or password, please email for more information.

Q. What if I have membership questions not answered in the FAQs?

A. Please email your membership questions to

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